Jane and I have decided that this summer we would focus a lot on DIY projects.  We have no travel plans–thank goodness, so lots of long stretches of time to work on being creative.  Here are a couple of projects just finished…..

Grafitti chair 

I bought this chair at a consignment store for around $200.  I had it recovered in plain canvas for $100, then the amazing Sam from StyleSwoon took the chair home and spray painted it with graffiti, then I put two coats of clear acrylic on it.  This chair now resides in Jane's room.  It was a great inexpensive DIY project that added a lot to her bedroom.  I totally redid her bedroom while she was in Italy, and I will post pictures soon.

I made this cat claw muffler from an old leopard faux fur coat purchased at the thrift store.  


The cat claws are from  It's a great site, and they have great customer service.  

Cat claw close up 

Claw close up 2 

I'm going to do some more work with these claws, and I will post a tutorial.  Making the scarf was easy, but the claws are a little tricky.  More later…..