There couldn’t be a better day to announce our collaboration with Monster High.  Jane and I are completely smitten with the Monster High doll line, and are thrilled to be working together with their team on an exciting project.  The Monster high dolls are so cute–but more importantly, they are all about accepting and celebrating their imperfections.

Being a young person in today’s world is hard–it’s refreshing to see a toy line that doesn’t promote  stereotypes.

I would have loved a line of dolls like this when I was young–actually, I was pretty excited to receive our box from Mattel.  (how great is it to get to play with dolls when you’re 48?)   Frankie is my favorite!

Their clothes and shoes are on a whole new level!!

Head over to the Monster High Facebook page, and monsterfy yourself.  You can create your own Monster High Avatar like mine below!  Click here.