We received some very exciting and bittersweet news a few weeks ago.  Carol was accepted into United World College. You can read more about the program, but I won’t bore you.  Carol will technically be a junior in high school next year,  so this is more of a college preparatory school.  She was accepted at the Atlantic College Campus.  It’s located in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, in St. Donats Castle.  St. Donats was built in the 12th century, and of course comes with lots of great ghost stories.

We are all so proud of her–it’s such an accomplishment.

Jane and I are still in shock from the news, and trying to imagine how we are going to adjust to life without Carol here?!  Expect lots of seaside blogging in the next couple of years!  Here are some more photos of the campus–what an experience she will have!!

She leaves in August–I will treasure every moment until then…..