I Received a shocking e-mail from my dear friends at Hanna Bernhard this morning regarding the announcement of Iris Apfel’s line of jewelry for HSN.   There really is not much to be said.  The pictures tell the whole story.  I’m really saddened by this.  I have always admired Iris Apfel’s style.  There is just no good explanation for her to brazenly copy one of Hanna Bernhard’s designs.

See below Iris’s Toucan for HSN.

And the original Hanna Bernhard Toucan purchased by Iris.  Wow!!

A photo of Iris wearing her Hanna Bernhard Toucan….

Clearly Hanna Bernhard should be compensated for their original design.  Every piece they produce is one of a kind.  It makes me so angry to see Hanna Bernhard’s original design being put into mass production and they are not  even being acknowledged.