Worst Dressed

I came across these Golden Globes Worst Outfits Ever photos this morning.  I feel the need to give my own take on a few of these dresses.  First of all, must we always be tasteful?  What's wrong with a little Tackiness?  

Bjork–the shoes, the owl, and a touch of Michael Jackson.   What's not to love here?
Jane and I saw her at Opening Ceremony in NY.  We were awestruck.  

Rinko Kikuchi has great style–I kinda of like this dress.  She's having fun, and it suits her. With global warming there is an over population of jellyfish right now, and it's nice to know we can make cute dresses out of them.


Go Sharon….why not.

Vanessa gets to wear whatever she wants!!!


The hair is better suited for Fiona, but this jacket is intriguing. 


Doesn't this dress look a little Balmain right now?  I like it.

Okay–this is terrible Lara.  Really awful!  But just think of all the laughs this dress has induced over the years–can't be that bad.  Let's hear it for a little bad taste…..