Favorite Magazines

I'm a collector of many things. Magazines are at the top of my list of favorite things to collect.  Jane and I together have a vast library.  Australian home decor magazines are fantastic to collect!  I love Inside Out and Vogue Living Australia.  American home decor magazines are fine, and I like them, but they tend to be too pretty sometimes.  I love how Australian magazines find the beauty in imperfection, and all of the amazing art and artists that are featured.  Things we would likely never hear about in the states.  Here are a few pics of a 12th century farmhouse in Italy that was featured in Inside Out.

Click to enlarge photos.

I love these chandeliers….

Down Under JudyDownunder302

Cute dinosaur from a coloring book I purchased at the Louvre many years ago….

Another fav is Selvedge.  This is an English Textiles magazine that is always surprising and beautiful.  Barnes and Noble carries it from time to time.  If you like to sew, you will definitely want to pick up a copy.  Below are photos from an older issue.

This woman is so beautiful, and I love her blouse.


Velvet string quilt.

Bye for now…