Last night Jane had friends over for dinner, so Carol and I cooked a delicious three bean chili.  I will post the recipe later.  

Because a giant clam has taken over my dining table…..


we decided to have dinner in my kitchen.  (my dining table is really my office anyway) Here is a photo of my kitchen.  

Down shot of kitchen
It's been like this forever, and I think I'm ready for a change.  Just a little change, maybe a bit more formal.  I like this kitchen below featured in the current Elle Decor.

Elle decor2 

I love the china cabinet in this kitchen.

Elle decor 

I really love the color of the walls and the white cabinets.  I'm thinking of moving my hanging pot holder, and putting a little chandelier in it's place.  (we do bump our heads often)   Back to last night, here are some photos…..


Better biscotti 

Home made biscotti–again.



Carol and I made cornbread to go with the chili.  (I actually use Martha White's mix–it has never let me down, and I'm lazy.)

Table 2 


Jane and her guests.  I'll post the three bean chili recipe in just a bit.