Various Things

I wanted to share the two great things I purchased in Philadelphia while there over Thanksgiving. First, an unusual skirt from Ports 1961.  It is made of black satin, and has a hoop inside made of wire and thick muslin.


The skirt was purchased at Joan Shepp, an amazing store.  The girls at the store encouraged Jane and me to wear the hoop on the outside, and I admit it's cute, but I'll save that for Jane, and wear the hoop on the inside.  
It's cute either way.  Go over to Jane's blog and bug her about her Ivan Grundahl skirt.  It's truly incredible.
She needs to wear it or I'm going to steal it.

Close up of the Miu Miu Dragon Fly sandal.  

I also found these great vintage 501's at Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia.  You probably can't tell, but they have white paint splatters all over them giving them a really different finish. (actually, I think you can tell)
Stephen Dwek necklace and shirt purchased at Anthropologie.

Givenchy booties and vintage 501's–perfect match.