I loved the whimsical faux fur throws Prada did for SS/11.   It seemed that everyone else did too, they popped up on every street style blog.  

Jane and I thought it would be fun to try and make our own version.

It was fun and super easy.  I made two throws in just under 2 hours.  The most important thing is finding really fun fur.  Click here to see where we purchased our fur.

I did get the Miu Miu shoes that I posted about last week.  I have no self control, but I loved this collection so much, I thought I would regret not buying them.  Click here to purchase.

This is the one I made for Jane.

Here’s how to make your own faux fur stole.

I started with a vintage fox stole that I already had, and used that as my basic pattern.  You can use a scarf too.  I made mine somewhat ridiculously long at 96 inches, but you can pick whatever length you like.  Mine is 11 inches wide, and I allowed for a 1/2 seam allowance.  I purchased only a yard of each faux fur, and it was plenty.  I purchased two yards of black satin lining at my local fabric store.  Using your pattern, cut two sides for the scarf out of your faux fur pieces.

Put pieces together, right sides together, and pin where the seam will be sewn. (it’s important to use a lot of pins while sewing faux fur, it really wants to slide.)  Trim the seam allowance after you are finished so there will be less of a bulky spot on the scarf.  Now cut your lining.  I seamed my lining in the center, otherwise I would have wasted a lot of  the lining fabric.  If you seam your lining, make sure you press the seam allowance.  Now pin the the lining to the scarf, right sides together.  Again, make sure to pin a lot!  Every 3 to 4 inches will work well.  Now sew your scarf together leaving an opening for turning it right sides out.  Turn your scarf out and push at the ends with a dull object to make sure it’s completely turned out.  Turn on a steam iron to high, and steam your scarf.  First, lay the scarf out and adjust the lining to where it should be.  Now, place a towel over the scarf and press down making sure to use steam.  (the towel is very important, you don’t want to damage the lining or fur)  I went all over each scarf two times.  Sew the opening closed by hand.

I know that Prada had the cute little fox tail appendage on their’s, so I’m going to attempt that on my next one.

We had a lot of obstacles to overcome during the project.

I hope this doesn’t sound too confusing.  E-mail me if you have any questions, but after Sunday, I will be in Paris, and I won’t have a computer.  I’m happily leaving it at home.

Have a great weekend!!