More 80’s/Flora Kung

I love everything 80's.  The crazy shoulders, ruffles, garish prints, batwing sleeves–I love it all!!!  One of my favorite 80's designers is Flora Kung.  Her pieces capture everything 80's, and the fabrics she used were totally saturated in rich colors.  Here are a couple of my favorite Flora Kung pieces…Flora1

This is a great Flora Kung jacket I found at the thrift store.  Worn with Levi's skinny jeans, Laloon elephant belt, and Balenciaga sandals.


This is a great silk Flora Kung mini dress I found on E-bay.  It would look great as a dress in summer for someone a little shorter than myself.   

After the Christmas holidays, Jane and I will be going through our vintage collections and pairing things down.  We own so much vintage between the two of us, that is overtaking our home.  We are working on a website where you will be able to purchase items along with some of the Atlantis pieces.  We'll keep you all posted on the progress.