DIY Christmas Tree

I love to make these ornaments at Christmas time. They're so cute and fun to make, and they're really inexpensive.  Craft2

Here is a photo of our finished tree!  It looks so festive!  We also added easy to make paper chains for a old fashioned look.  Here is the step by step instruction guide on how to make these ornaments.

1)  Go through your photo albums and select your pics–close ups of kids and pets work best, but use whatever you like.  (it doesn't matter if they're black and white or color)  Make basic photo copies on regular copy paper.  Next, dip the photos in strong tea water.


2)  Lay photos out flat to dry.  Next, find your backing.  We used brown lunch bags, but newspaper, or construction paper will work too.  Sew photo and backing together on your sewing machine, leaving an opening to stuff.  Sew around the shapes of the photos so each ornament is unique, trimming away access paper.  Stuff ornaments with polyfil or whatever you have lying around, and sew opening shut.  Now comes the fun part.Craft5

drying the photos….


Sewing the ornaments!

3)  Decorate the ornaments with glitter or sequins.  We used a very fine glitter purchased from JoAnn's craft store.


4)  Now spray the ornaments with a few coats of clear spray finish.  We liked MinWax.  Finally, take a small sized hole punch, and punch a hole at top of ornament, and insert ribbon or natural twine!!


Ornaments drying after clear finish….


Finished Tree!!!  Off to our next project, see you soon…….