We’ve had the hottest summer ever here in North Texas, and I am so ready for fall.  I even put on boots and wool and shot in 100 degree weather yesterday–that’s how ready I am for Fall!  I love the 70’s resurgence for this upcoming season.  Wearing Dolce and Gabbana wool a-line skirt, vintage silk blouse and old Chloe boots.

I love the details on the skirt.

And the leather tab on the back of the boots.

Chunky bangles from a street vendor in NY.

Here’s hoping Fall comes soon.

On another note-Jane and I have received so many kind e-mails and tweets regarding Carol.  I want to thank everyone.  Every encouraging word helps.  I realize families do this every Fall, but I never knew it would be so hard.   We miss her so much, but we are SLOWLY adjusting.

Her dad told me that there were 50 children to greet her with foghorns and flags when they drove up to the castle, and that she was already checking out the kitchen with the head mistress.  It sounds like she is happy and fitting in just fine.  They have a tradition at the school, that no one is allowed to carry their own luggage, so a few unfortunate students had to lug Carol’s bags up to her room.  I hope no one was injured, you cannot imagine how much she packed.  Her dad is trying to sneak out quietly, for fear he’ll be dragging half of it back with him.

All for now-hope everyone is staying cool.