Jane and I have decided to move into Dallas proper.  With Carol gone, and my days of carpooling over, there isn’t much left for us out here in the country.  We want to find an older home with lots of character.

Tudor style homes built in the 20’s and 30’s are numerous in Dallas–but the problem with these homes is, unless you really start knocking out walls, they tend to feel a little like a funeral home.  We love 50’s mid-century  moderns with low slung roofs too, but after looking around a bit, Jane and I have our heart set on finding a 40’s ranch style home.  Something like the ranch they visit in New Mexico, in the movie, Leave Her to Heaven. (on a more modest scale)

My opening picture is a home by Charles Dilbeck.  Dilbeck was a prolific architect in Dallas  through the 30’s up until the 60’s.  He is credited with building the first Texas Ranch House.  He often used quirky details, and had a love of recycling.  I wish someone would publish a coffee table type book of his work.  Here are a few more of his homes.






Below are a few pictures of a home that Jane and I are admiring.


Very cute.  We should be in Dallas soon!

Ugh Oh!  It just occurred to me that Carol might learn about this move via my blog!  I haven’t been able to reach her lately.  So Carol, if you read this, don’t worry.  We will pack all of your belongings and move them to Dallas with us.  (Except maybe some of your books from the 5th and 6th grade.  Can I donate those?  Thanks honey!)