Jane and I attended a vintage show in Austin organized by our new friend Angie Ferrer Domecq.  So great to meet Angie and her mother, and see all of our vintage friends.   It was really great vintage shopping–just 10 or 12 vendors, but this was the first show, and we are hoping to see it grow!!  Two of my favorite finds among the many things we brought back home were this 60’s romantic blouse, and an 80’s tie dyed lapin wrap.  (also wearing Current Elliot leopard jeans)

Chloe boots from many seasons ago–I loved this collection!

I love this picture–I just wish Carol was in it too!  Doesn’t it look like we’re in an enchanted forest?  Hate to disappoint, just a new housing development–sigh.

I’ve been collecting Victorian inspired blouses lately–they’re hard to find.  I love this Valentino blouse on

I hope everyone is enjoying some of this great Fall weather that we have here in North Texas–we just started painting the exterior of my house–finally, and a huge storm blew in.  Now my house is two different colors.  Awkward!!!  Hoping for good weather tomorrow so we can resume.