Every morning I wake up with Curly, Larry and Moe, aka Townsend, Staci and Shelly.  We have this involved routine in the morning, and I'm the foolish ring leader of this ridiculousness.  It starts with them hitting the back door at top speed, racing outside and pretending to go potty, then racing back indoors for food.  Townsend, who gets fed first, is suffering from some form of Stockholm Syndrome where he identifies with prisoners.  He has to eat behind bars–no kidding, I've taken him on vacation and had to improvise and make him a little prison so he won't miss his breakfast.  He is a militant nutcase.  

Shelly is the easiest, she just spins and spins in circles, then snarfs down her food at warp speed–she suffers from OCD badly!! 

 Staci I save for last, she is my biggest challenge.  I put her food down, then I must sit in the chair beside her.  I'm not allowed to do anything else, or it upsets her routine.  I put down her little ounce of kibble, and she stares at it despondently.  I tell her what a "good girl" she is–big lie!   She forces herself to take a bite, then looks away in shame, and we have to go through the "good girl" routine another 10 or 12 times before she manages to choke down half of her one ounce of food.  Staci is and Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix.  Sounds cute, but not really–she is a neurotic anorexic hound, with the psychotic ,bitchy , possessiveness of the Chihuahua.  

I go through all of this even before my first cup of coffee!  Pretty silly right?  I love them all dearly though. Do any of you have pets that put you through crazy routines?