Remember a while back I was going to do a great DIY project?  Well, it was a total flop–so here is a new one, better late than never.  Here are the steps.

1)I took an old brown 100% wool blanket, and washed and dried it to get all of the shrinkage out and make the fibers really tight.

2)  I made by pattern on newspaper–you can make anything.  Bears, rabbits, dogs.

3)  Before I put the bear pieces together, I sewed the face.  I used the satin stitch on my machine, but you can do it by hand too.

4)  Next, sew the pieces together all the way around so there is no opening.  Now, cut an opening in the back center–about 4 inches for my bears, and turn bear right sides out.

5)  Stuff the bear with polyfill using the eraser end of a pencil to get the tight spots.

6)  Now sew the opening in the back by hand–that’s it!

On a different note–Carol’s dad just returned from spending a glorious week in France with Carol for her Fall break.  (so jealous!!)   I wanted to let you all know that Carol absolutely loves her new school and is thriving in every way.  She will be home in just over a month, and Jane and I can hardly wait!