So excited to give you all a little sneak preview of the new jewelry pieces we will be offering for the Holidays.  Karen really outdid herself!  Jane, Karen and I are all so excited!  We went with a sea themed collection for this offering.  Above is Nessie.

A lovely lounging stingray…..

Mrs. Seahorse…..

A beautiful mermaid maiden.  This will be offered on a hand hammered bronze neck ring–we’re all very excited about the neck rings–they look beautiful!

Hammerhead shark…..

This is a fish that reminds Karen and me of growing up in Alasksa….the Stickleback.  They lived in still ponds, and would wrap themselves with algae until they looked like fat little green pincushions.

Like our earlier pieces, these are all individually cast in solid bronze.  Look for them on the site Thanksgiving evening.  We’ll tweet when they are up, and you can follow me on Twitter here!