I'm reading Belinda Carlisle's memoir, "Lips Unsealed."  I'm surprised that I would even read this, I was never a fan of the GoGo's.  They were always too bee-bop for me.  Surprisingly, I'm really enjoying this book.  She has accomplished far more than I would have ever given her credit for. She talks a lot about the punk scene in LA in the early 80's which is very interesting. The main focal point of this book is her struggle with addiction, and she plays it out in a harrowing adventure.  She has lead a very different sort of life, and truly, it started in her childhood.  

I love this photo I found, because even though I didn't care for their music so much, I always thought Belinda Carlisle had the most beautiful face. It's really a good book—I recommend this book.  She's not the best writer, but she does have an amazing story to tell, and she is brutally honest. I came away from this book realizing that she was a person with a lot of faults, but still went on to live an incredible life.  I really admire her. I find myself seeking out old GoGo songs, and wanting to go to one their reunion concerts–go figure.