I just got these fantastic red patent boots from Casadei  in time for Christmas.  I got them on sale at  In love with the patent tipped laces.  I love quirky touches.  They remind me of “Him” from the Power Puff Girls.

I bet “Him” has a pair too.   Casadei boots march to a tune all their own, but I usually wait until they make their way to Yoox, because they tend to be very, very pricey.

Perfect accompaniment to my favorite Hysteric Glamour jeans.  Speaking of my favorite jeans, I just got them back from the tailor.  They’re so old, the knees had totally ripped out.  My tailor, Cho, happens to be an expert at mending/darning/restoring  jeans.  I was so relieved!  It really pays to have a great tailor that can restore your favorite jeans–ask around in your own area, there are many that do this.  It was only $30 to have my jeans restored as opposed to having to purchase another pair.

Notice the steel tipped heel?  Another nice quirky touch…….