I’m a huge fan of the entire Fresh skin care line.  I use all of their products and love them.  One not shown here that is my favorite, is their soy face cleanser.  I just happen to be out of it right now.  The Creme Ancienne is great too.   I also love all of their eye creams.

My new house is 2 minutes from Whole Foods grocery store, so I’ve been trying a few of their organic lines with much success.  I love the Weleda skin food, and Weleda almond face cream.

Jane and I are both loving the Andalou line.  I’m using the Meyer Lemon creamy cleanser and really like it.

If you all are using any great anti-aging products, please share in the comment section!

Here is Shelly getting settled in her new office.  I need to find her a cute small dog bed for under the table, and get her an appointment with the groomer!