Here is my first post of the FDluxe shoot.  All photos by Manny Rodriguez.   Designed by Sam of Style Swoon.  She did an amazing job!! I'm going to do several posts of the shoot, there are so many nice pictures!  I hope you all don't get bored with it–I hate it when I see a home featured in a magazine, and there are so few photos, that  it's hard to get a feel for the house–so here goes. The files are larger than I normally choose.  It might take a little time to download.  I hope you all enjoy!

**Click to enlarge pictures.

Townsend looking up 


Close up of coffee table
Entry way table. 


Dining room one 

Dining room.
Dining room two 

Another view of the dining room.

French chair 

From the stairs 

View from the stairs.