Finally we have a little cool weather.  With the last remnants of summer comes the urge to update your wardrobe for fall.  This can always be a little daunting.  You can envision yourself wandering around the mall for hours on end, not to mention that fall clothes cost at least four times more than spring/summer clothes.  One nice piece can blow your entire clothing budget.

I spent ten days hitting two different thrift stores in Dallas close to my home, and one crazy estate sale.  I came up with five easy to find pieces that will completely update your fall wardrobe without leaving you destitute.

Number one:  The leather jacket.  I find amazing leather jackets at the thrift store all the time.  Above and below was an amazing find for thirty dollars–and no, it’s not pleather.

Number two:  A great tailored blazer.

This is a great find!  Eighties Armani double breasted jacket.  I love that it’s a little roomy–I’m going to use it as outerwear.

Number Three:  Vintage fur collar.  Fur collars are the best for taking a casual look to luxe in a second.

Number four:  The perfect grey sweatshirt.

Remember this look on Taylor Tomasi?

Add the fur collar to your basic grey sweatshirt, and Voila!

Number five:  Basic Tee with cut out arms.  Jane and I always cut the arms out of vintage tees–makes them so much easier to layer. 

Shown here under leather jacket.

The breakdown:

Leather jacket $30.00

Tailored blazer: $60.00 (I thought this was a little high–but it is Armani)

Fur collar:  $40.00 (again, a little high.  This was found at an estate sale in my neighborhood, and it’s in pristine condition.  When buying vintage, I’m always willing to pay a little extra for something in extra good condition! )

Basic sweatshirt and Tee $5.00

Total: $135.00!!!

I hope this inspires you to get out this weekend and go thrifting–you never know what treasures await you.

Big thanks to my model. 😉