I’m so happy everyone enjoyed my last Thrift Store Essentials post.  I immediately started thinking it needed a part two and maybe part three right after I posted.  There are so many pieces at the thrift store that I see time and time again that could be a classic in most anyone’s closet.  Here are a few I spotted in one week:

Jane is wearing a beautiful Burberry trench. Every time I stop at Genesis thrift store in Dallas, they will have at least one Burberry trench–sometime three or four to choose from.  This one is perfect, but Jane and I are thinking of making it a bit shorter for a more modern look.

Cashmere Sweaters.  I see them all the time in perfect condition!

Here are two I found last week, along with this adorable Italian leather bag found.  I love the stitching on the leather!

A vintage fur.  Beginning in September, thrift stores generally put out their fur coats they have accumulated over the summer through donations.  This is the best time to find a great vintage fur–the selections can be fabulous!  This one is especially great because of the hood.  Jane and will be sharing this–hopefully.

Great with riding boots and a pair of jeans.

The breakdown:

Burberry Trench: $90.00

2 Sweaters: $15.00

Leather bag: $15.00

Vintage fur hoody: $60.00

Total $180.00

I hope you all enjoy this installment–let me know if you find something fabulous!

Big thanks to Daniel Wellington for the gorgeous mans watch!