The second half of my trip to the UK was spent in Wales.  We visited Carol’s school, Atlantic College which is housed in a twelfth century castle, complete with a jousting ground.  I was able to spend one cold afternoon exploring the grounds.  I took so many pictures, I think it will have to be a two part post.  Really incredible!  Carol feels so lucky to have had this opportunity to attend school in such a magical setting.  Carol’s dad is an earlier graduate of Atlantic College, and is actively trying to help them raise funds to restore the castle-it desperately needs a little TLC.

There is a tiny church on the castle grounds surrounded by the most beautiful old cemetery.  I took lots of photos.  All of Wales looks just like a movie set.  I wish I had photographed the roads–they were really something to see.  Tiny, tiny passage ways with ancient stone walls on either side.  Makes for a very interesting car ride.

Ran into this gorgeous German Shepard walking around the church grounds.  Such a pretty boy.

Stained glass window inside the church.

That’s all for now–I have some pictures to share of the beach in my next post.