Today Karen and I began the arduous task of sorting through the jewelry and belts that need to be listed on the site.  (with the help of a very tall latte)  It was actually a great time…here is a peek at some of the belts we will be listing.

Cat belt 

I love this vintage kitty by Mimi.


The teeny tiny belts are one of my favorite styles.  I love these kissing frogs.

Zebra belt 

We picked up a new batch of leather belts from Messina's in downtown Grapevine.

Elephant belt 

I can't remember who did this–maybe Alexis Kirk.  I love anything elephant.


Great giraffes…..

Carval hu 

This is actually two buckles that will go on the site.  Each will have it's own soft leather belt.  I love these brass and crystal buckles from the 80's.  The one in front is a Carval of my favorite makers.  Here is a picture of my own Carval Hu belt–it is brass all the way around.  I could never part with it–I know I will never find another.  I'm kind of crazy for these free form belts right now, especially with the crystals–what do you all think of them?  

Wonder belt 

I will get a better picture, this does not due it justice.  Look for these pieces, (minus my Wonder Woman belt) on the site in the next two weeks.  We have a lot of shooting to do!!