I know I promised pictures of my closet a long time ago.  Well, here it is.  (doors have been removed-now I can actually move in that space!) You can see it's not very big, and really kind of a mess…completely unorganized, and totally a 1979 closet–this was the year my home was built.  Most homes in Texas now have enormous walk in closets.  Mine is more of a "reach-in" closet.




Sorry about the big white space–that's actually a work table.  My closet is getting a bit of a make-over, so I'll snap as many pictures as I can of the process.   First thing I need to do is go through all these clothes–I'm sure there are things in there I haven't worn in years!

What a mess!!  I'm kind of embarrassed to show you all these–but, it would be hard to appreciate the end product if you didn't see what we are starting with.  The amazing Sam from StyleSwoon is hard at work again.