While researching restaurants on line, Jane discovered the phenomenon of cat cafes in Tokyo.  Originally started in Osaka, the trend is catching on in Tokyo with at least a dozen or more cat cafes to choose from.  The concept is simple.  The cafe has a "cat staff" on hand, and patrons pay to hang out with "the staff." Toys are offered to entice the cats, but one must follow cat cafe protocol. One cat cafe serves alcohol to guests and stays open until 5:30 am.  It's hard to imagine that anyone would want to hang out and drink with cats until 5:30 in the morning.  

We found a cat cafe fairly close to our hotel, and decided we must go!  After a quick sanitation procedure, we were cleared to spend time with the precocious kitties.  Here are some photos of our visit…enjoy!

Grey cat 

Bow cat 

Group shot 

Pink sweater 

Tooth cat 

He looks like he's talking here…..

Pretty cat 

A better shot of this cat–he was so pretty!!

Cat on stool 


We were served ice coffees…..

Cat magazine 

You could also browse through a magazine completely devoted to cats…..

Funny cat 

Funny picture 


This guy was the real character of the bunch. 


Guests are encouraged to doodle in the journals provided.
  Here is a link to images of cat cafes.

Cat scarf 

Today is our last day in Tokyo, trying to get our last minute shopping done.  The trip has been fantastic, but I'm excited to get home.