Yesterday we explored the Ginza district.  Many of Jane's readers had recommended a toy store there.  I had not been to the Ginza in more than 25 years–Wow, how it has changed.  Yesterday, the main street was closed to traffic, making it a very serene experience–not at all like the Ginza I remember back in the 80's.  Here is a sampling of pictures…….

Hot pink flower 


Barbies in Hakuhikan Toy Park…..

Beth and jane 

My very dear friend Beth came with us to Tokyo this time.  She has made the trip so much fun–here she is with Jane….


They love to spoil their dogs here….

Tex mex drinks 

We stopped at "Zest" for Tex-mex in the Ginza.  Check out the drink menu.  I love the spelling of Michelada.

Nao on bench 

Nao needed some chips and salsa…..

Chips and salsa 

The salsa was actually very good!!  


Window display of a shoe store….


Chanel windows…..and interesting flower display.

Flower window 

All for now………