I just had to use that title. šŸ˜‰  Here is the entire beetle belt collection….Beetles 2

The top beetle is a stag beetle, middle guy is a rhinoceros beetle, and the third is a click beetle.  I don't know if you have click beetles where you live, but they are all over North Texas–that makes me partial to this belt. They're kind of clumsy, good natured beetles.  Imagine if Mr. Rogers were a beetle……. We'll have to get Karen to try some type of Longhorn beetle too…


When I was younger, I would visit Texas in the summer, and I can remember these giant green longhorn beetles with black spots.  I was terrified of them!  Now that I live in Texas, I never see them anymore.  I don't know what happened to wipe them all out–probably those darn fire ants.  I would love to see one again.  Growing up in Alaska, we didn't have a lot of variety in insects, mostly aggressive mosquitos.  Visiting Texas as a child really traumatized me at times–it seemed that some of the bugs were straight out of a bad horror films.  I could handle seeing bears and moose, but NOT giant flying bugs!

It will soon be time in the south for the annual June bug visit.  These are the dumbest creatures ever created.  They just fly around crashing into everything in their path….this is how you usually see them.  Dead.  Poor things…I don't think we'll make a June bug belt or anything else.June bug 

Here is the first necklace to be completed….Karen is home working fast and furiously on new pieces…I can't wait!  


Thanks so much to everyone that ordered the stag beetle belt–we should be picking up our first casting in the next couple of days.   

Also–I don't want to jinx this–but the site is working!!!  Give us just a couple of days to update pictures.