I have drawers full of bangles and bracelets–when I was younger I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without my arms loaded full of loot–I also happen to like the sound bangles make.  When I had children, I all but stopped wearing jewelry–any mom that has had an earring ripped out by a curious baby can vouch for this decision.   It took me years to start wearing jewelry again, but I think I'm making up for lost time now….


Vintage lucite bangles, and metal bangles from Dinosaur 

Monies cuff.

Gold bangles 

Vintage 80's bangles won on e-bay.

I love lucite jewelry!!  Monies cuff on bottom, the rest are vintage.

Mesh bangles 

Lately I've been stalking mesh bangles on eBay–they can be found for around $10.


This is my favorite mesh piece–it's from the 70's.