Does this face look guilty to you?  Remember Fido, the freeloading lizard? (I know you can all tell where this is going.)

Best fido
This handsome guy?  Well–while Jane and I were in NY in February, Townsend chomped Fido.  It was assumed that Fido was a goner.  His stiff body was placed in the garden out front.  I received the news via e-mail while in NY.  I was really pretty upset–I know he's just a lizard, but I had grown quite fond of the little guy.  He had been living in and around our house for a year at least. 

Last week we had our first batch of nice weather,(minus of course the freak snow storm on Saturday) and guess who I found sunbathing on my front porch??


Yep–that's Fido for sure.  I assure everyone Fido is quite well, and even looking a little fat.  Fido will stay outside where lizards belong from now on, no matter what his thoughts are on the matter.  I'm just very relieved and happy to know that he is okay–now he just needs to work on that new tail!

Yesterday was my Birthday, and Carol made this beautiful arrangement of tulips for me…..Happy Spring Everyone!!