I've read recently that Alabama Chanin has a new book out.  I haven't purchased it yet, but found a photo of it on Amazon….

New book 

It looks pretty great…I'll have to check it out.  Maybe over spring break.  A little over a year ago, I posted my Alabama Chanin type DIY projects, and I still get a lot of questions about them.  Here they are again.

Natalie details how to make this skirt in her first book–Alabama Stitch Book.  It's really quite easy, and a lot of fun.  I bleached my t-shirts first by putting them in the washer dry, randomly splashing bleach, then regular wash.

Close up of flower 

These are just old fashioned yoyo's with beading in between…..

Front jacket 

My jacket was a little more ambitious.  I cut up a jean type jacket from Target, and made my own pattern by tracing onto newspaper.  Easier than it sounds–I promise.

Jacket back
I used my industrial sewing machine, and stitched all over for a heavy quilted effect.  (I also triple layered the t-shirts when I cut the jacket from the pattern for substance.)

Quilting detail
Close up shot of the machine quilting….

Inside of jacket 

I used a different color of t-shirt for the inside lining for contrast.  Afterwards, I did all of the looping.  I just cut strips of T-shirt, and held them in place while I went over them with my machine–I trimmed them up neatly at the end.   

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