Jane and I are back from NY.  We flew home on 9/11 which was a very odd and emotional experience.  New York was fun and hectic at the same time.  Jane and I experienced two very touching random acts of kindness while in New York, reminding us there is so much good in the world.  Sometimes you need to be reminded of that. I want to thank The Pleat for a wonderful write up, you can read it here.  I love the collage of photos I featured above that they put together for the story. While in New York, I met …


 My first rainy morning in NY was spent on a mission.  Finding my favorite fall trend.  Reptile themed accessories and clothes.   Fashion Weeks’ host, Mercedes Benz, offered me a ride in the MB Fashion Ranger while on my mission.  Kim and I were happy we weren’t trying to hail a cab in this rain!   Thank You Mercedes-Benz Fashion Ranger!!!  I wanted to thank all of our readers that came to MIU MIU for FNO.  It was a tremendous success!! I hope everyone enjoys Fashion week!      


Just made it to New York!  Jane and I are so excited to be here, and want you all to join us tomorrow night for Fashion’s Night Out at Miu Miu!!  VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT – MIU MIU MUSES NIGHT To celebrate the third edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th, 2011, Miu Miu will be holding its “Miu Miu Muses Night”. This special competition will reflect the Miu Miu girl’s inner Muse by inviting her to channel her own interpretation of the 1940’s infused Autumn/Winter fashion show, and will be held simultaneously in both its Milan and …


Currently liking this color combination of pink and grey.  Wearing vintage Dior jacket rescued from a thrift store, vintage t-shirt, Stella McCartney jeans, and very old Kate Spade shoes. Everyone have a great weekend!      


Jane and I have decided to move into Dallas proper.  With Carol gone, and my days of carpooling over, there isn’t much left for us out here in the country.  We want to find an older home with lots of character. Tudor style homes built in the 20’s and 30’s are numerous in Dallas–but the problem with these homes is, unless you really start knocking out walls, they tend to feel a little like a funeral home.  We love 50’s mid-century  moderns with low slung roofs too, but after looking around a bit, Jane and I have our heart set …