This past weekend, I spent some time packing since the house is on the market, and it will all have to be packed at some point.  I was feeling so nostalgic, and having such mixed feelings about leaving my house.  The girls and I have shared so many memories here, and we’ve changed it so much, and made it our own.  (According to the feedback of potential buyers, we may have made it a little too much our own.)   The Saturday mail arrived, and in it was a copy of Elle Decoration Norge, featuring a 6 page spread on …


Last week I blogged about the Rich and Skinny shiny jeans.  I bought two pair at the time, and I’m wearing the gold finish above.  since posting, I have been in contact with the Rich and Skinny Company, and they have told me that the shiny finish that I’ve worn in both posts are available exclusively through Neiman Marcus and only at their physical stores, they are not available on line.  However, the jean is called “the Legacy,” and it is available here. Jane and I love the fit of the legacy jean. Worn with very old Manolo’s. Hope everyone …


One of my favorite sites to visit when I have a few free minutes, The Locals.  I don’t read Russian but it seems to be a site for finding a roommate to move in with you, or an apartment to share.  Anyway, there are so many cool spaces.  I loved this one. I love the obsessive nature of it’s owner.  He must be an artist. I think I would like to move into this one!


Jane and I have been trying to take advantage of some of this amazing fall light.  This was taken just about an hour before it was pitch black. Wearing rabbit fur from Laced with Romance–a vintage find in Austin.  Hysteric Glamour jeans that are now in desperate need of repair, Kate Spade shoes, and vintage cashmere sweater.


I went jean shopping  this week, and loved all of the shiny metallic jeans that are out now.   I tried Rich and Skinny jeans for the first time.  (I really don’t like the name, so I would never try them)  They actually have an amazing fit, and I highly recommend them. I’m wearing the Rich and Skinny metallic jeans–I would post a link, but I cannot find them anywhere on line.  I got mine at Nieman’s.  Here is another really cute pair. I love the finish! Worn with Balenciaga leather jacket and Kelly Wearstler scarf, and Ray Ban sunglasses.


Remember a while back I was going to do a great DIY project?  Well, it was a total flop–so here is a new one, better late than never.  Here are the steps. 1)I took an old brown 100% wool blanket, and washed and dried it to get all of the shrinkage out and make the fibers really tight. 2)  I made by pattern on newspaper–you can make anything.  Bears, rabbits, dogs. 3)  Before I put the bear pieces together, I sewed the face.  I used the satin stitch on my machine, but you can do it by hand too. 4) …


For some reason, I can’t stop wearing this vintage tux shirt found on the way to Austin last month.  I love the exaggerated collar.  Also wearing vintage sheared lavender coat purchased at Big Bertha’s in Austin.  Gifted Judith Leiber sunglasses. Cute bakelite dog pin. I love these Kate Spade shoes.  They are many, many years old, and I will cry when they completely fall apart. I have really been into my pointy shoes lately–anyone else?  I wish that designers would make more pretty fabric shoes with pointy toes, I can never seem to find them. Below are some of my …


When Hanneli posted this outfit last week, I swooned.  Such tailored perfection!  I did some on line shopping and was able to recreate it almost to the tee.  It’s getting colder, so I added a little boot by Giuseppe for more coverage instead of sandals.  Click on the picture to get the links below. Vince White Turtleneck Giuseppe Zanotti Metal Boots Plum Skinny Jeans by Rag and Bone Acne Wool Crepe Top        


Click image for more amazing vintage Halloween pictures, from the book Haunted Air.  


Just wanted to share this picture of my favorite shoes.  That’s all I have today, sorry.  I’m helping Jane on a big project, I’ll be back soon!  Here are my top Miu Miu picks on Yoox!! Miu Miu Ankle Boots Miu Miu Cape Miu Miu Gloves Miu Miu Leather Jacket