Hi Everyone!  Sorry for my absence of late.  Jane’s blog had a few projects that kept us quite busy, so I’ve been more of a behind the scenes blogger the last couple of weeks, so it’s nice to finally get a post out and at least say hello. I’m going to try out a few new recipes this week-so I will see you all soon!


Photos snapped by Jane on the most insanely hot day of the year with my iPhone–you can tell by the look on my face and lack of proper shoes. Sunglasses were a gift from Toms, and my absolute favorite.  Zara jacket, Rich and Skinny jeans. Putting the Alexander Wang sandals SS/13 on my wish list for sure!  I loved the entire collection.


Manny Rodriguez snapped this photo of my bedroom for the Rue Magazine shoot. Needless to say, we didn’t use it. A little bit sad, right?  Just not working at all.  The lamps aren’t right, and there is a huge void on either side of the sofa–kind of depressing.  This half of my room needed a makeover–stat!  My room is huge, and filling up the space has proven to be a challenge.  I am not a minimalist! What do you think now?  I found some great vintage bookcases to fill the void, and they also allowed me to unpack all of …


I had a wonderfully mundane weekend of reading, watching “No Reservations,” and catching up on laundry–perfect!  Wearing some old and new favorites.  Distressed boyfriend jeans from Ralph Lauren, sweatshirt from the thrift store, and my favorite old Dries van Noten sandals from years back. Jane and I found this cool lion fountain around our neighborhood and couldn’t resist turning the photos to black and white.      


Hi Everyone!  I have no excuse for my blogging absence, other than I was having some blogging paralysis.  Every time I would sit down to blog, I was overcome with anxiety.  I think it had to do with Carol heading back to the UK, but I finally heard from her, so no more excuses, and I have been having a great time on Instagram. Carol went camping her first week back with her classmates, and learned to make a wood burning oven from clay they scooped from the river.  Her dad and I kind of laugh about this, thinking this …


I finally have more pictures of my new home in Dallas!  Thanks to Rue Magazine for featuring both Jane and me in their first ever all Texas issue!! For more, click here. All Photos Manny rodriguez. I hope you all enjoyed the photos–I wanted to wait until I had a really great photographer.  Thanks Manny! Carol just arrived back at her school in Wales, and Jane is in Brazil for the week.  This is the first time on my own in a while, and I’m trying my best to adapt–I’m feeling a little sad without them. If you are in …


Here is the famous Parroquial in the main square of San Miguel.  My photo was almost really good–too bad I didn’t notice the giant hedge in the corner of my view finder.  Curse my bad eyesight!  Anyway, it’s magnificent and always takes my breath away. On this trip to San Miguel, Jane and I had the pleasure of visiting the cutest boutique hotel I’ve ever seen.  It’s called L’Otel.  Imagine an old colonial mexican home converted into an amazingly luxurious hotel with only four rooms.   If you were traveling to San Miguel with a group of friends or family, …


One of our favorite new places to eat in San Miguel is Cafe Rama.  A small tapas cafe near the Instituto de Arte.  Here are a few pictures from our evening there–but honestly, you can find so many cute little cafes now in San Miguel.  You would need a couple of weeks to have time to try them all. This was a wonderful polenta dish. Butternut squash pasta. I’m always fascinated by repetition. Graffiti. This is the picture of the grounds of a very old and grand hacienda that has been turned into a bed and breakfast. This bed and …


Sorry for not posting yesterday, the Internet was acting up a little.  The last two days we have just been exploring San Miguel on foot.  My legs are so sore from walking.  Here are some snapshots from the local open air market that goes on for several blocks.  I love all of the repetition! More soon!  We’re off to an arts and craft show, then tapas at Cafe Rama!


Here is another round of photos from our second day in San Miguel.  The weather continues to be fantastic.  It was actually freezing cold when we went out to shoot this morning–a welcome change from the oppressive heat in Dallas.  Picture of Carol on our way home from Monet’s–one of our favorite breakfast haunts. Carol snapped this photo–I absolutely loved her eye for composition.   I chose very practical shoes for this trip.  The cobblestone streets are especially tricky. Jane running through the park. Ginger in the park. Look at all of these cute dogs!! So long for now–I’ll have …